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Teruhide Nakiri 165mm

$24.65 $34.15

Teruhide Nakiri 165mm
Style: Nakiri
Core: Carbon Steel
Finishing: Polished
Blade Length: 165mm
Overall Length: 300mm
Weight: 139g
Bevel: Double Bevel
Handle Material: Traditional Handle of Natural Wood
The Teruhide range of knives are a quality, affordable range of knives that can be found in domestic kitchens all over Japan.
The blades are carbon steel that is extremely hard and durable, so they retain their edge very well. and require little maintenance if handled correctly. The handles are the traditional Japanese round handles made from natural wood which are wonderfully comfortable to hold.
This series only has 4 different knife styles, 2 double bevelled knives, Santoku (General Purpose knife) 165mm, Nakiri (Vegetable Knife) 165mm and 2 single bevel knives, Deba 155mm and the Yanagiba (Sashimi or Carving knife) 210mm
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