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Yagi Hana Retail is a family-owned business operated by myself, Nick and my wife, Yuki.

We have both been working in the Customer Service sector for over 20 years in Tourism, Hospitality and various other jobs requiring a high standard of Customer Service. I have also learnt over the years, with the assistance of my wife that the saying “Treat your customers how you expect to be treated” is undeniably true.

 Even though the digital age has everyone using their Smart Phones, Tablets, Laptops and PCs to connect it actually tends to lack the “Human Touch”. We are determined that this will not be the case with Yagi Hana Retail, and we will bring all our experience to bear to ensure that every customer has the very best experience whilst dealing with us.

My wife is Japanese and through my regular visits over the past several years I have developed a love for the country, its people, and the amazing products you can find there, oh and the food as well.

It was from my first visit to Japan that I became fascinated with Japanese Kitchen knives, not just the beautiful handmade knives, but the knives used in households all over Japan. From there my interest grew to the wood working tools, woodwork is a hobby of mine, and then to the other products produce in the Sanjo / Tsubame area of Niigata.

Through my wife’s family I have had the pleasure of being able to visit a number of different factories to see firsthand how some of the products are made and the care that is taken to ensure everything that leaves the factory s of the highest quality. I was surprised to find that in many of the factories the finishing is done by hand, in particular sharpening whether it is knives, chisels, scissors, or sequiturs they were all hand sharpened.

Due to my wife’s connections with this region of the Niigata Prefecture in Japan the majority of our products will be sourced from there though we will have products from other regions. Once, we are able to get back to Japan we will be visiting a number of different factories / blacksmiths to increase the range and scope of the products you can see on the site.

We are always happy to hear from you, our customers, so if you have a suggestion for a product range or have a product you would like us to source for you please get in touch by email using the Contact us for or send us a message using the Messaging prompt at the bottom of the page.