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Akifusa Aogami Super Migaki - Paring 80mm

$115.55 $165.05

Akifusa is renowned for the quality of their kitchen knives and the Aogami Super steel Paring knife with its Migaki finish is no exception. With its 80mm bade it is perfect for those fine/precise prep jobs. The D-shaped traditional Ebony handle is so comfortable to use and makes this Japanese Paring knife the perfect addition to any kitchen.

About Paring (Utility)Japanese Kitchen Knives

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Style: Paring (Utility)
Core: Aogami Super steel, hardened to HRC63.
Cladding: Stainless steel.
Finishing: Migaki (polished)
Blade Length: 85 mm
Overall Length: 205 mm
Weight: 46 gm
Blade Height @ Heel: 23mm
Spine Thickness @ Heel: 2mm
Spine Thickness @ Tip: 0.5mm
Bevel: Double Bevel
Handle Material: Right Hand D-Shaped Fine Ebony handle with Pakka wood ferrule bolster.

AKIFUSA Traditional Aogami Super Migaki
This Akifusa line features a premium Super Blue (Aogami Super) carbon steel core that is surrounded by protective soft layers of stainless steel. There is probably no finer combination for durability and ease of sharpening than Aogami Super steel.
The combination of a high-performance carbon steel core and stainless sides also provides easier care and it is hardened to HRC 63 for superior edge retention. The blade is distal tapered for optimal balance and has an extremely thin, keen edge for superior cutting.
While it is much easier to care for this knife than a full carbon steel knife, it still must be hand washed and dried to avoid rusting the core. We recommend using camellia oil to avoid rust.

Washing – Hand wash with soapy water, rinse the blade with Hot water. Dry your knives as soon as possible after washing and do not leave them wet for extended periods of time. Do not wash in a dishwasher!

Storage – Store in a cool, dry place. Do not store in cutlery draw with other knives. Use a knife rack or at a minimum a cover for the knife to protect the edge

Sharpening - It is recommended to sharpen these knives to a fine edge on a Japanese Whetstone. However, for touch-up sharpening, you can use a Ceramic Steel and a 2 or 3 Wheel Japanese Water sharpener as these are designed for the angle of bevel angle of Japanese knives.