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Tojiro DP A-1 VG10 Petty 135 mm

$55.15 $91.95

TojiroT DP A-1 VG10 Petty (Utility) 135 mm 

About Petty (Utility) Japanese kitchen knives


Style: Petty
Core: VG-10 stainless steel
Cladding: 13-Chrome stainless steel
Finishing: Migaki
Blade Length: 135mm
Overall Length: 240mm
Weight: 55g
Bevel: Double Bevel
Handle Material: Reinforced Black Wood with double riveted tang.


TOJIRO DP A-1 3 Layered Series

The DP A-1 3 layered series has been designed for home use; however, the blade is the equivalent of any professional chefs’ knife. The DP series of knives is forged-welded to create the multi-layered blades and the DP on this series stands for “Decarburization Prevention” which is a process that reduces the problem of hardness reduction during forging.

The core of the blade is VG10 steel which is a high carbon stainless steel containing Cobalt and the cladding is 13-chrome stainless steel for rust resistance. The blade is set at an appropriate thickness for home use to ensure that it can hold and cut food with little stress.

The handle is reinforced black wood attached to the blade with a double riveted tang. These kitchen knives have a blade suitable for professional use, however, they are light weight for ease of use in the home kitchen.