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Tadafusa Aogami Nashiji Gyuto 180mm

$144.40 $206.95

The Tadafusa Aogami Nashiji 180mm Gyuto (Chef/Cook) hand-made Japanese Kitchen knife stands out with its quality and its finish. The way the Walnut handle blends with the Integral bolster and the Nashiji (Pear skin) finish down to the grind pattern on the blade of the knife is a true example of the blacksmith’s skill.

The first thing I noticed when I picked up this beautiful knife is that it is a little lighter than the Santoku but still has that solid knife feel. I trialed this knife by using it to prep the ingredients for a Stir Fry Pork mince with cabbage and Asian vegetables.

From dicing the garlic, ginger, and chilies, and slicing the red onions to shredding the Cabbage and Asian vegies the Gyuto performed very well. At 180mm it is one of the shorter Gyuto’s, however, as I live in an apartment with a small kitchen it was a perfect size.

If you want a very high-quality handmade kitchen knife from Japan look no further as this Gyuto will do most of the food prep you need

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Customer Reviews

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Elena Slade
Fantastic Product

Best retailer in australia for all your japanese knife needs. Couldn't thank them enough for their fantastic customer service and help - will recommend to everyone I know!

El Mitchell
Best Product And Customer Service

Nick has been so incredible to deal with, and can't believe the quality of this incredible knife - i've never seen anything like it! Definitely buy from this amazing company.

Megan michael
More than perfect, I am in love

I absolutley love my knife set. They make cooking prep a dream and look like art. I have them on my magentic knife holder that is attached to the wall in my kitchen! I was uncertain about getting high carbon steel knives due to the care they require but they are stainless steel clad which means only the edge is at risk and even if it does discolour it just adds to the beauty of the knives, but they are really easy to care for just wash with soap straight aftet you have finished choppin. I will have these for life, a great investment! Nick is absolutley amazing he answered all my questions in detail including about shipping to the UK! Thank you Nick! Will definitley buy from you again!