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Knife Manufacture Information

About Tsubame Sanjo

The neighbouring cities of Tsubame and Sanjo are located almost directly in the center of Niigata prefecture in Japan. It is said that the areas metalworking industry began with the production of WAKUGI (traditional Japanese nails) in the beginning of the Edo period (1603-1867). Since then, the metalworking industry in the City of Sanjo has flourished with the establishment of roughly 300 blacksmith shops by the end of the Edo period. These blacksmiths; using their skills and techniques from wakugi making; expanded their skills to produce cleavers; sickles; kitchen knives; chisels; etc. leading to its current production of tools and other metalwork products.


Shimomura kogyo is one of the top cutlery companies in Japan. Shimomura kogyo was established in 1957 in Sanjo Niigata Japan. There are some areas to make cutlery in Japan and Tsubame-Sanjo area in Niigata prefecture is also one of them where Shimomura kogyo factory is located. Shimomura kogyo is a company that specializes in the production of metal products. It has developed the technology to commercialize stainless. It is one of the top Japanese manufacturers in kitchen knife made of stainless steel.


Shimomura Industrial Co., Ltd.

Shimomura Industrial is a Blacksmith business that started in Sanjo in 1874. The Sanjo region is one of Japan’s premier Blacksmithing regions with a history dating back to the 17th Century, at that time they produced Japanese nails, sickles, and knives.

Shimomura Industrial had its origins in the production of sickles and forged knives, inheriting the traditional techniques of the Sanjo Blacksmiths. The company has evolved over time, always with a focus on high quality and it now produces a large range of Kitchen Knives, Kitchen Implements and also cutting tools for industrial machinery.


Fuji Cutlery Co. Ltd

Fuji Cutlery was established as a sales company of Tojiro Co., Ltd, a production company of commercial kitchen knives. Fuji actively manufactures products based on customer feedback and requests whilst actively researching better production methods and styles.

Fuji Cutlery now also markets items produced in Europe, e.g. “F.Dick”, to broaden the scope of the products they handle and increase the exchange of traditional knife manufacture and world food culture.