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Atoma Diamond Plate - #400

$123.05 $160.85

Atoma Diamond Sharpening Plates can be used in place of Whetstones and Natural Sharpening stones. They do tend to take more material, so it is recommended that you only use light pressure when using them.

The Atoma 400 can be used to replace whetstones from the 320-500 grit range. This grit range can be considered the upper end of “fixing” stones, or the lower end of “sharpening” stones. The Atoma 400 is coarse enough to flatten whetstones, but also fine enough to replace traditional whetstones up to 500-grit.

There is a second use for these diamond plates as they maintain their flat profile and that is to flatten whetstones and Natural sharpening stones. All whetstones and Natural stones will cup over time from use but by using the Atoma plates you can flatten any irregularities after each use. If you want more information have a look at –

Sharpening Japanese Kitchen knives and Woodworking Tools

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Type - Atoma
Single grit without base
Grit - 400
Splash & Go – it is best to use water on the plate as a lubricant
Size – 210 x 75 x 12mm (L x W x H)
Packaging size – 275 x 110 x 20mm
Weight – 745g
Made in - Kure, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan

Atoma Sharpening Plates
Atoma Diamond sharpening plates are made by Tsuboman, a company based in Kure known for producing extremely high-quality products. Atoma Diamond sharpening plates are made of mono-crystalline diamonds as the abrasive surface on stainless steel (body made of 10mm thick machined aluminium plate). Unlike the Whetstones and Natural sharpening stones, these plates remain flat after continued use, and the diamond surface plate can be replaced after a few years without buying another baseplate.