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Camellia Seed Oil

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Camellia Seed Oil

Camellia oil is used on fine tools and knives to prevent rust.

In Japan, craftsmen have been using this oil for generations as a remarkably effective rust inhibitor. Traditionally tools and knives are made of high carbon steel and these tools and knives are prone to rust even if they are cleaned and dried very well.

We provide the Camellia Oil in a 245 ml spray bottle for ease of application.

Type – Camellia Seed Oil
Use – Protective coating
Dispenser– Spray
Body Width – 50mm
Body Height – 190mm
Weight – 244gm
Made in Sanjo, Japan

Camellia Oil is a natural oil made from the seeds of an evergreen plant in the camellia genus. The seeds are cultivated in Asia and pressed to produce camellia oil. The oil is exceptionally light and unlike other natural oils, it's not likely to dry and gum up.
Camellia oil does not affect any bonding or the finish on your knives and is food safe. However, it is recommended to clean the blade with warm water before use.