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Ryuji Colour Grip Petty 150mm

$37.20 $53.15

Ryuji Colour Grip Petty (Utility Knife)150mm


Style: Petty (Utility Knife)
Core: MoV (Molybdenum/ Vanadium) Stainless-Steel
Blade Length: 150mm
Overall Length: 265mm
Weight: 63gm
Bevel: Double Bevel
Handle Material: One Piece Black Elastomer with Antimicrobial agent 

The Ryuji Colour Grip Series of knives has been created for use in Commercial kitchens as well as the home Kitchen.
The Colour Grip has an easy-grip, anti-slip handle which is made of antimicrobial elastomer which comes in seven colour options, white, red, yellow, green, blue, pink & black. We currently are only carrying the black option
The Colour Grip is only available in double bevel knives that have 7 different blade types: Petty, Honesuki (Boning), Santoku (General Purpose), Nakiri (Vegetable), Gyuto (Chef) 6 different blade sizes, Sujihiki (Slicer) and Bread Knife. With such a wide selection this series covers all the double bevel knives you would want in the kitchen. The design of the knives makes them amazingly easy to maintain and even though they are Dishwasher safe it is recommended that you hand wash these knives due to their very sharp edge.
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