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Expert 180 Zan (Double Edge)

$36.45 $48.55

Expert 180 Zan (Double Edge)


Blade Length: 180 mm
Blade Thickness: 0.5 mm
Teeth/mm: 22 teeth / 30mm (Impulse Hardened)
Full Length: 410 mm
Handle Length: 200 mm
Handle Material: Rubber


The Nakaya “Expert” 180mm Saw range are professional saws that are easy to use. They use the same high-quality short blades with an easy grip rubberised handle in place of the traditional handle.

These saws come in 3 different styles –

1. “Expert” Jin – A single edged saw with impulse hardened teeth for cross-cut work. It is perfectly suited to woodwork, jointing and fittings whether the material is wood, plywood or glulam.

2. “Expert” Kai (Douzuki)– An extra thin blade with very fine teeth enabled for cross/rip/diagonal direction. It is perfectly suited to woodwork, furniture, fittings, musical instruments, whether the material is general wood, glulam, bamboo, MDF, or thin plywood.

3. “Expert” Zan - The "Zan" is a double-edged saw with both crosscut and rip cut teeth. It is perfect for DIY, furniture, fittings, interior, exterior, whether the material is general wood, glulam, plywood, MDF etc.

It should be noted that the Jin and the Zan saws have the same handle. All blades are easily changed when blunt or damaged. The saws also come in a resealable cover that protects the blade for storage.