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Murato Fit-Line Petty (Utility) Knife 130mm

$46.05 $65.75

The Fit series Petty (Utility) Japanese kitchen knife, like its bigger brothers, the Gyuto (chef) and Santoku (general purpose) kitchen knives, is a joy to use. Thanks to its quality design, it only weighs 85gm, making it perfect for its role in the kitchen. 

With its 130mm blade, many women, my wife included, will find themselves using this knife for most of the prep work they do in the kitchen. I have used this knife myself to prep a range of ingredients for a few different meals and the results were fantastic.

About Petty (Utility) Knives

About the Fit Series

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Style: Petty (Utility)
Core: Stainless Molybdenum Steel
Cladding: All Stainless-Steel
Finishing: Migaki
Blade Length: 130mm
Overall Length: 250mm
Weight: 89gm
Blade Height @ Heel: 29mm
Spine Thickness @ Heel: 1.6mm
Spine Thickness @ Tip: 0.5mm
Bevel: Double Bevel
Handle Material: 18-8 stainless steel which is integrated with the blade.
Handle Style: Western

Shimomura Murato FIT-Line
The Murato Fit-Line knives by Shimomura are All Stainless-steel Japanese kitchen knives. Made using MoV Stainless-steel with a high content of carbon and the addition of Molybdenum and vanadium the blade of these knives has an incredibly sharp long-lasting edge.
The one-piece structure of the knife makes for easy maintenance and the stream-line shape of the handle fits comfortably even in small hands. The Fit-Line of Japanese Kitchen knives is the perfect addition to both commercial and domestic kitchens.

Washing – Hand wash with soapy water, rinse the blade with Hot water. Dry your knives as soon as possible after washing and do not leave them wet for extended periods of time. Do not wash in a dishwasher!

Storage – Store in a cool, dry place. Do not store in cutlery draw with other knives. Use a knife rack or at a minimum a cover for the knife to protect the edge

Sharpening - It is recommended to sharpen these knives to a fine edge on a Japanese Whetstone. However, for touch-up sharpening, you can use a Ceramic Steel and a 2 or 3 Wheel Japanese Water sharpener as these are designed for the angle of bevel angle of Japanese knives.