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Fujiyama Ryoba Folding Saw 240mm

$47.55 $73.10

Ryoba Folding Saw 240mm


Blade Length: 240 mm
Blade Thickness: 0.5 mm
Teeth/mm: 18 teeth / 30mm (Cross Cut) & 8 teeth/30mm (Rip-Cut) (Impulse
Open Length: 575 mm
Folded/Handle Length: 315mm
Handle Material: Rubber
Blade Protector provided for the ripping edge when folded.


The Nakaya Fujiyama Folding Saw has been made with the usual extremely high-quality saw blades; however, the traditional handles have been replaced with an aluminium alloy handle coated with a rubber grip for ergonomic comfort.

The blades of these saws open easily and lock into place with a high-quality blade lock. Folding them is just as easy using the quick release button on the blade lock allowing the blade to slot into the handle. This gives you the advantage of being able to store these saws easily using up less space and the handle helps to protect the blade from damage.