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LEC Slim Line Japanese Kitchen Knife Stand

$22.20 $27.75

LEC Slim Line Knife Stand – 5 slot

As this is the slim design it does not take up much space. It can be mounted on the back of a kitchen cupboard door or free stand up against the wall or as I have it against the microwave. The front cover comes off for ease of cleaning and the stand can hold 5 knives.

There is one slot for thick bladed knives like ad Deba, two slots for standard kitchen knives like Gyuto or Nakiri and two slots for thinner knives like Petty or Bread knives.

To install on cupboard door:

Remove the front cover. Establish the position required and mark the 3 anchor holes. Drill these holes with a small drill bit, 3mm. Using the screws provided screw the knife holder into place and replace the front cover.