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Natural Amakusa Stone Red 600-1000 Grit

$30.30 $43.30

The Amakusa is a natural sharpening stone equivalent to 500-700 grit and the various shades of red stripes running down its surface give it the name “Tora-to” or Red Tiger. I personally have been using the Amakusa Whitestone 500-700 grit and have had excellent results preparing dull blades.


  • Type – Amakusa Natural Stone
  • Grit range stone
  • Grit – 600-1000
  • Splash & Go – does not require soaking but liberal water should be applied
  • Size – 220 x 70 x x60 (L x W x Th)
  • Packaging size – 250 x 110 x 85mm
  • Weight – 2.5kg
  • Made in – Amakusa, Japan
  • A Nagura Stone is recommended for creating a slurry as the stone is quite hard.

This stone could take the place of the Naniwa Traditional 1000 grit or similar for bevel flattening, edge refurbishing, and as it leaves a shallower scratch spending more time using the Amakusa makes polishing out easier. 

Amakusa Natural Sharpening Stones

Amakusa Stones are quarried on the island of Shimoshima, near the town of Amakusa in the Kumamoto Prefecture. They are a very hard stone which in turn means they do not create much slurry when being used. The stones are big and when used properly are great at creating a burr, they also wear evenly and as a result, give you excellent value for money.

The Amakusa Stones may be harder than the comparable synthetic stones and as a result slower working, with an uneven texture, but it performs better, and the final result is outstanding. These Natural stones are not recommended for beginners but more for Intermediate to advanced sharpeners. If you want more information have a look at – Sharpening Japanese Kitchen knives and Woodworking Tools.