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Ohishi / Toishi Nagura Stone

$14.60 $20.90

Nagura stones are used for preparing the traditional Japanese Whet & Natural stones to give them the ideal condition for sharpening. After treating the water stone with a Nagura stone, a smoother sharpening is possible. Because of the fine-grit Nagura stone, the surface of the sharpening stone gets slicker and makes the sharpening of knives and tools even more enjoyable. The perfect combination when buying a traditional Japanese sharpening stone.


  • Type - Ohishi / Toishi
  • Nagura
  • Grit – very fine
  • Used with water to prepare a slurry and to clean the surface of your stone.
  • Size – 75 x 26 x 25 (L x W x Th)
  • Packaging size – 100 x 50 x 40mm
  • Weight – 150gm
  • Made in – Kyoto, Japan

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Nagura Stones                                                  

You can get Nagura Stones in a variety of grits, from 220 to 12000 and they are used to create the slurry for sharpening and cleaning any residue on the surface of the stone from previous use. Most often used on harder stones you will usually use a Nagura the same grit or higher than the stone you are using. Easy to use, just wet both your stone and the Nagura and rub the surface of your stone, this enhances the sharpening immediately without having to wait for a slurry to form from sharpening. You can see more information in -

Sharpening Japanese Kitchen Knives and Woodworking Tools.