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Prograde Double wheel Sharpener

$23.25 $33.20

Shimomura Kogyo makes the Prograde Double wheel sharpener, and it has been designed for touch-up sharpening of Japanese Kitchen Knives. The Coarse Diamond wheel at the front is for sharpening your blunt knives and the Alumina Ceramic Wheel at the back is the fine Finishing wheel.

NOTE - This dual wheel sharpener is for double edge Kitchen knives only, Do Not use it for single edge kitchen knives.


  • Type – Double wheel water sharpener
  • Coarse & Finishing Wheels
  • Diamond wheel (coarse)/Alumina Ceramic Wheel (Finishing)
  • Water added to the holder
  • Size – 195 x 50 x 50mm (L x W x H)
  • Packaging size – 220 x 55 x 60mm
  • Weight – 110gm
  • Made in – Sanjo, Niigata Japan

Made in Japan Logog


Shimomura Prograde Double Sharpener

The body of the sharpener is made of ABS and the Cap is made of a clear Polyester with non-slip rubber pads on the bottom to assist in keeping it in place whilst being used.

To use the prograde sharpener, you take the cap off and add water to the shallow reservoir, replace the cap and run your knife back and forth on the wheel you choose. I have used this sharpener on all my hand-finished knives and found it gives a better edge than using a ceramic steel and if used every couple of days maintains a good edge on the kitchen knife. However, I have found that I still need to use a whetstone if I want to get a razor edge on the kitchen knives.

Cath, the Executive Chef at Wild Thyme restaurant in Cairns likes to use this sharpener to give her kitchen knives a touch-up at the beginning of her day.

Wild Thyme Restaurant, Cairns Qld.