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Ryuho Maru Diamond Sharpener

$24.40 $30.20

Ryuho Maru Diamond Sharpener

The Diamond sharpener has provided both rough and finishing sharpening in one piece. The sharpener is light weight but sturdy and is extremely easy to use.

The handle is made of polypropylene and the main body is a steel blade has 2 grades of electroplated industrial diamonds to give the rough and finishing texture. This sharpener can be used by anyone for steel and stainless-steel knives, scissors, and peelers.

The diamond sharpener is 215mm long and 42mm wide and weighs 58g.

Note: After use, please clean with detergent and thoroughly remove moisture before storing in a dry place. If it gets clogged, use a brush to remove the particles.

How to use:

For a dull blade us the rough surface then finish with the fine surface. If you are just freshening the edge use the fine surface only.

The following Instructions are for a Single Bevel Blade, however the same process applies to double bevel blades,