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Secera Ceramic Sharpener


Secera Ceramic Sharpener


The Secera Ceramic sharpener provides a grooved and smooth surface for medium and finishing sharpening. The ceramic sharpener can be used for single and double bevel knives, scissors and some single blade gardening tools.

The handle is made from ABS Resin with a softer resin coating and the body of the sharpener is made from ceramic.

Size: 17.6 x 4.8 x 5.5 cm
Weight: 0.113 kg


How to Use:

Before using the Ceramic Sharpener please ensure you wipe the blade of the knife well to ensure that no oil or dirt transfers to the ceramic.

For double bevelled knives –

1. Holding the edge of the blade to the right, run the coarse side of the sharpener down the blade from heel to tip. The sharpener should be held at approx. 15 degrees to the blade, and you should repeat this 3 to 4 times.

The ceramic sharpener should only lightly touch the blade, do not apply to much pressure.


2. Turn the blade so the edge is to the left. Repeat step 1 for this side of the blade.


3. Turn the blade of the knife back to the right and run the smooth edge of the sharpener along the blade 1 or 2 times to remove any burrs. It is important that you maintain the same angle to the blade as you did at the start.



4. To finish sharpening turn the blade edge to the left and repeat step 3 for this side of the blade.


For single bevel knives and other single edged blades like scissors you follow step 1 for the bevelled edge and then you use the smooth side of the sharpened flat against the reverse side of the blade to remove any burrs.