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Verdun Santoku165mm

$32.80 $46.85

Verdun Santoku (General Purpose) 165mm


Style: Santoku (General Purpose)
Core: Stainless Molybdenum Steel
Blade Length: 165 mm
Overall Length: 295 mm
Weight: 135 gm
Bevel: Double Bevel
Handle Material: 18-8 stainless steel which is integrated with the blade.

These delightfully light-weight Japanese Kitchen Knives are available in a range of blade types, both double bevel, and single bevel. The Double Bevel range has 4 knife styles the Petty (Utility)knife 125mm, Santoku (All Purpose) knife 145mm&165mm, Gyuto (Chef) Knife 185mm to 270mm, and the Bread knife 225mm. The single bevel range has the Deba 105mm to 180mm and the Yanagiba (Sashimi / Carving) Knife 150mm to 240mm. There are also 3 specialty knives in the range: the 130mm Children’s knife, the 215mm Menkiri, and the 180mm Chinese Chef knife (Cleaver).
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