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Tojiro Fuji Mark Bread/Frozen Food Knife 190mm

$33.95 $49.65

Tojiro Fuji Mark Bread/Frozen Food Knife 190mm

About Bread/Frozen Food knives


Style: Bread / Frozen Food Knife
Core: Stainless steel
Cladding: Stainless steel
Finishing: Polished
Blade Length: 190mm
Overall Length: 315mm
Weight: 109g
Bevel: Double side blade
Handle Material: Resin with triple riveted tang.


Fuji Cutlery Co. Ltd

The Fuji Cutlery range of knives are designed for everyday home kitchen use. These knives can be found in Japanese family kitchens everywhere in Japan. They are light weight, high-quality stainless-steel knives that hold their edge well and are easy to maintain.