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Tosa Ohishi Aogami 1 Kurouchi 180mm Gyuto (Chef)

$115.55 $157.95

The Tosa-Ohishi 180mm Kurouchi Gyuto (Chef) handmade Japanese Kitchen Knife is a wonderfully made knife with a traditional D-shaped Rosewood handle. 

Made with Aogami 1 (Blue) Steel this kitchen knife will last the test of time and provide an edge when sharpened that will glide through food prep with ease.

The knifes balance, incredibly sharp edge, and comfortable grip let you know it is ready to go out of the box.

If you are looking for a Gyuto|Chef kitchen knife to complement your food preparation knives then this is the knife for you. It is also the perfect partner for the Tosa-Ohishi Aogami 1 135mm Petty|Utility kitchen knife.

About Gyuto (牛刀): (Chef/Cook) Japanese kitchen Knives

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Style: Gyuto (Chefs Knife)
Core: Aogami #1hardened to HRC63-64
Cladding: Carbon Steel
Finishing: Kurouchi (Blacksmiths/Rustic) Finish
Blade Length: 180mm
Overall Length: 325mm
Weight: 135gm
Blade Height @ Heel: 45mm
Spine Thickness @ Heel: 3.4mm
Spine Thickness @ Tip: 0.8mm
Bevel: Double Bevel
Handle Material: Right-Handed D-Shaped Rosewood

Tosa knives are known for their hammer-forged technique known as Warikomi. This is a method where a glowing piece of cladding is split and the core cutting edge inserted. It is then forged together by hand in a complicated process that requires a prominent level of finesse and competence.
Blue Steel is traditional, high-carbon steel made by Hitachi Metals in Japan. It is the favorite steel of many knife makers and chefs across the world for its fantastic edge-holding ability, toughness, and ease of sharpening.
It contains few stainless elements, and as such will develop a patina, and develop rust spots if left wet after use. It requires a little more care and maintenance than something like VG-10 (Stainless Steel), so consider this when purchasing a Blue Steel knife as your first Japanese knife, however with correct care and maintenance these kitchen knives will last for years.

Washing – Hand wash with soapy water, rinse the blade with Hot water. Dry your knives as soon as possible after washing and do not leave them wet for extended periods of time. Do not wash in a dishwasher!

Storage – Store in a cool, dry place. Do not store in cutlery draw with other knives. Use a knife rack or at a minimum a cover for the knife to protect the edge

Sharpening - It is recommended to sharpen these knives to a fine edge on a Japanese Whetstone. However, for touch-up sharpening, you can use a Ceramic Steel and a 2 or 3 Wheel Japanese Water sharpener as these are designed for the angle of bevel angle of Japanese knives.

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Super nice. Nice thin blade perfect for what I was after, just a great little all rounder knive. Huge plus was the unbelievably good price