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Rust Remover, (Sabitoru) (Medium)

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Sabitoru or Rust removing blocks come in three grades Coarse medium and fine. However, the Medium (120grit) is usually sufficient for removing rust or patina from Japanese Kitchen Knives and Japanese Woodworking Tools.

Depending on the amount of rust/patina you are dealing with wet the rust eraser with water and using light pressure rub it back and forth over the affected area. For heavier rust, you may need to start with the medium and then change to the fine as you are getting close to finishing. Always rinse the kitchen knife or tool under very hot water and as it is prone to rust apply a fine coating of Camellia Oil.


  • Type – Rust Remover (Sabi Toru)
  • Single
  • Grit – Medium (120-grit) 
  • Splash & Go – Wet before use
  • Size – 65 x 40 x 10mm (L x W x H)
  • Packaging size – 175 x 75 x 12mm
  • Weight – 40gm
  • Made in – Inuyama, Aichi prefecture Japan.

Made in Japan Symbol

Rust Eraser/Remover

In Japan, these Rust removing stones are called Sabi Toru (Remove Rust) and they come in the 3 different grades, coarse, medium, and fine. For most rust-removing jobs, you can use either the medium and fine stones for removing rust or patina from your Kitchen knife or woodworking tools.

They can also be used to remove rust from most metal surfaces, so they are a very handy thing to have around the home. The most important thing to remember I that if your kitchen knife or woodworking tools is prone to rust you need to keep it dry and use Camelia seed oil after drying.

Camelia Seed Oil